Service Level Agreement Bea Cukai

Both speakers presented the ALS material with the introduction of customs history, the development of the customs image from year to year, how to recognize his character and personality, and how to deal with someone with different characters/personalities to create excellent service. The internalization was presented for two and a half hours with participants from all elements of Madiun Customs, including civil servants, collaborators, participants in the workplace training and honorary collaborators. Finally, the question-and-answer session was opened to all participants and concluded with a joint photo session. Through the internalization of ALS for all employees, it is expected that all employees will have skills in their relationships with service users to improve the quality of services in order to be better than before. The event was opened by Agus Rinaldo Simanjuntak, Head of the Consulting and Information Services Department, and conveyed the importance of standardized services guidelines for state-of-the-art customs and excise duty officers to ensure friendly and optimal service. In this activity, it is transmitted by work ethic and service standards to the customs office, including the procedure for welcoming guests, the ethics of appearance and clothing, as well as how we behave and transmit information. This activity is expected to be carried out in day-to-day work. Thus, excellent service can be maintained. « Excellent service is very important in efforts to improve community customs, » Diyah said. The delivery of the material was presented by Sabaruddin and Ardyaningsih, who are the Belawan customs officers who have experience in presenting materials related to the service level agreement. He explained the material on components in providing an excellent service, namely character training, communication, performance ethics, management services and practical guides, Participants were also asked to better understand how to properly communicate and perform simulations – a case simulation conducted by employees and front-line officers in the provision of services to service users and the public training of #kemenkeuterpercaya#beacukaimakinbaik#beacukaibelawan ALS (Service Level Agreement) or by Lokarya or other training activities are activities that are carried out continuously by customs, which are useful to ensure uniform customs standards in the provision of services to service users, especially in the mode and manner in which users communicate. With Indonesia`s growing role in world trade, the volume of Indonesia`s trade with other countries, both export and import, and directly call on customs officials to improve the quality of services, particularly in its role as a trade mediator – which facilitates trade, and as an agency directly linked to Denern in the context of international trade, particularly in North Sumatra.

In addition, North Sumatra is also one of Indonesia`s provinces which has interesting tourist attractions and has been global, attracting many foreign tourists who arrive in North Sumatra via North Sumatra International Airport. It goes without saying that customs officers serving at these airports must behave and communicate well with people who are leaving the country. This is why this ALS workshop was organized as the standard for uniform service for customs officers in providing the best services to service users and the general public. . Tanjung Perak, Surabaya – « What is work for you? Just to make a living, earn money, meet office friends or what? Angelia Marry, an Iconesia facilitator during the Complaints Processing of Training Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the auditorium of the Tj Customs Office, is asked.

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