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In all PDOs, parties retain an aspect of their original organization, whether it is the editorial voice, religious affiliation, vision or the ability to use the company`s resources according to their own heritage. All parties participate in the financial risks of the joint venture and gain the potential for a greater market presence and, consequently, increased profits. The purpose of a Joint Enterprise Agreement (JAA) is to protect a company from failure, but to prevent monopolization within a sector by allowing each party to maintain a distinct type of operation. SALONS are used in newspapers, health care, gas, oil and other sectors. Any contract, agreement, joint venture or other agreement between two or more companies merging the business and physical units of a pending company, while each entity retains its separate entity status with respect to individual profits and orders. Two or more oil and gas operators can enter into an AAA to share the risks and costs of oil and gas exploration. A party assumes responsibility for the day-to-day operations and often charges the fees to the other participants in the JOA. The operator is able to keep costs low and other participants retain rights to their share of gas and oil that they can use as they see fit. Parties are rarely considered partnership parties unless the agreement explicitly states that they are. Painter, William S.

1993. UK: UK and perhaps other debates and perhaps other debates: /ek-ntr-kt/Verb: /k-tr`kt/ . « Current legislation, cases and other developments concerning health care providers and integrated distribution systems. » American Law Institute -American Bar Association SB51 (February). In the press sector, JOas are used so that a defective newspaper can be linked to a parent newspaper, while retaining separate editorial and cover functions. In 1965, the Department of Justice challenged the legality of the JOA by subjecting breaches of agreements to two publishers of dailies operated under an JOA in Tucson, Arizona. In Citizens Publishing Co. v. United States, 394 U.S. 131, 89 P. Ct. 927, 22 L.

Ed. USA: IPAUSA: IPA/n., adj., and generally for 8 k`ntr`kt; otherwise v.

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