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The advertiser`s name The name of the company or institution Address Phone number Fax number and/or email address title; Date of copyright; Page number or URL of the site; and the exact material to be used by AHA to enforce the conditions should not be construed as a waiver of a provision or right. If a provision of the conditions proves invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions will remain fully in force. The user cannot otherwise transfer, transfer or transmit the rights granted to him; AHA may cede one of these without prior notice or written consent. The conditions are invoked in favour of the AHA, its successors and its agents. The terms and conditions, privacy policy and all other legal information published by AHA on the website represent the full agreement between you and AHA regarding the use of the site. To obtain permission to use or copy AHA copyrighted material from the AHA website or AHA printed material, you must submit your application in writing via our online form. Article Transfer Service This magazine is part of our article transfer service. This means that if the publisher feels that your article in one of our other participating periodicals is more appropriate, you may be asked to upload the article to one of these magazines. If you accept this, your item will be automatically transferred on your behalf, without the need for reformaté. Please note that your article will be re-evaluated by the new magazine. More information.

They agree to use the services only for purposes authorized by (i) the conditions and (ii) all laws, regulations and practices or directives generally accepted in the respective legal systems (including all laws relating to the export of data or software to and from the United States or other countries). You agree to access or access services through services other than the interface provided by AHA, unless expressly authorized in a separate written agreement with AHA. You agree not to conduct activities that disrupt or disrupt the services or servers and networks associated with the services. They agree not to reproduce, reproduce, copy, sell, market or resell the services unless a separate written agreement with AHA has otherwise agreed. You accept that you are solely responsible for any breach of your obligations arising from the conditions and consequences, including any loss or damage that the AHA may suffer. They recognize and accept that the AHA or its licensees have all legal rights, titles and interests on and on services, including content and all intellectual property rights that exist in the Services, whether registered or not. You acknowledge that the Services may contain information classified by AHA and that you cannot disclose that information without AHA`s prior written consent. Nothing in the terms and conditions gives you the right to use any of AHA`s trademarks, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and other distinctive trademarks. If a separate written agreement has granted you an explicit right to use AHA`s intellectual property, you agree that this use is consistent with this agreement. You agree not to remove, conceal or change property references, including mentions of copyright and trademarks, that may be affixed or contained to the services. You agree not to use trademarks, service marks, trade names or logos of a company or organization in the use of the Services in a manner likely or likely to create confusion about the owner or authorized user of those trademarks, names or logos.

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